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Fulchino, O'Reilly & Company PC provides individuals several options in regard to their personal finances. With our extensive experience in the private sector as well as our high quality standards, the Firm can provide you a service not easily matched, peace of mind.  
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Below are several services we can offer you and subjects we can assist you with.
Tax Planning
Tax Return Preparation
Bank Loan Requests and Reporting
FAFSA Student Application Assistance
Preparation of Gift Tax Returns
Business Valuation
Trusts and Estates
Fulchino, O'Reilly & Company PC also offers specific Trust and Estate services as well as additional subjects we can assist you with.
Tax Return Preparation
s Assist Clients and work with
Attorneys to establish trusts
s Review and Oversee Performance of
s Fiduciary Responsibility as Trustee
s Estate Planning
s Annual review of Irrevocable Trust requirements including preparation and mailing of notices to beneficiaries
We offer these services in addition to many
other accounting, financial, and managerial
services. Please contact us for more
  Assist in the interviewing and hiring of fund investment managers
Preparation of Estate and Fiduciary
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