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Fulchino, O'Reilly & Company PC has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and can help your company succeed by providing essential services like inventory valuation and income/expense analysis. Let us put our experience to work for you!  
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Below are several services we can offer you and subjects we can assist you with.
Cost Controls
Inventory Valuation
Direct and Indirect Overhead Analysis
Property and Equipment Record Keeping
Income/Expense Analysis
Business Valuation
Manufacturing - Inventory
Fulchin, O'Reilly & Company PC also offers specific inventory services.
Review Procedures for Counting and valuation
Check Computation of Overhead Included in Inventory
Check for Obsolescence and Shrinkage
Review Cutoff Procedures
Physical Inventory Observation Required on Audits
We offer these services in addition to many
other accounting, financial, and managerial
services. Please contact us for more
Review Detailed Inventory Records for Computation of Raw Materials, Works-in-process, and Finished Goods
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