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Fulchino, O'Reilly & Company PC has extensive experience in the property management sector specifically with systems to report operations.

At Fulchino, O'Reilly & Company PC we know that there is a need to manage your operations by property. There are many services we can offer you that will allow you to take greater control of your assets affording more time to manage your business.

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Below are several services we can offer you
and subjects we can assist you with.
Establish systems to report property
specific operations
Experience with various property
management systems
Setup procedures to automatically
notify management of lease
Assist clients in calculation of CAM
and timely notifications to tenants of
amounts due
Review and analysis of rent roll and
operations with management
Perform audit procedures to
determine additional rent for retail
tenants according to lease terms
We offer these services in addition to many
other accounting, financial, and managerial
services. Please contact us for more
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